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NEW BUSINESS coming to 638 Abbott Street in Crosstown Vancouver - By Jay McInnes

Uncle Faith's has come to Downtown Vancouver!

With 2 current locations, 1685 East Broadway & 2778 West Broadway Uncle Faith;s is trying his/her/their hand at the downtown market.

Uncle Faith's Pizza (638 Abbott Street) - By Jay McInnes 

This will be an interesting trip for this small business as there is not a lot of competition for the Pizza Market in Crosstown Vancouver at THIS point. But only time will tell as competitors I am sure WILL pop up soon. the fast food pizza game is a VERY competitive one as all Vancouverites know so well.... However though I have not yet done it myself, Uncle Faith;s does offer online ordering. This is a cool idea and may be something that becomes the norm in this industry (if it already is not), as you can se I don't eat a lot of the stuff. However I am going to order one this week, just to see how it all works..

MUCH LUCK Uncle Faith's, hopefully Crosstown takes you under its wing and the years ahead are busy busy busy.. 

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